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22nd May 2018

Hey 69ers,

All of us have to go register on and then join the 69th Battalion clan as it is typed here. 

Next you need to go to  Americas Army. Log in and go to your profile. Notice that there is a number at the end of the web address, this is also your AA ID. Copy only the number then paste it in the soldier ID section under your "My Account" on the site

Once you have done this you need to copy the BBCODE for the signature from to your signature part on our 69th website.

It should look like mine after this, displaying your nickname, fragrate and clan.

Once you have done this your fragrate signature will be displayed on your profile and every forum post you make.

We need this to get a rank as a SA clan and would also help when we choose our A and B teams eventually. It also displays the avg fragrate and win rate of the clan!

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22nd May 2018

above the create a clan you find a search for clan in blue writing click on it search 69th Battalion click on 69th Battalion and then join team, it will ask for a password password is (letmein) as written in the brackets do not include the brackets just the writing in the brackets, thank you all for your co-operation.

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